Will technology ever catch up?

Overclocking PC RAM

Posted by cascadehush on September 6, 2006

I recently overclocked my RAM in a PC I use for music production, which is both CPU and memory/disk intensive. I’d never done any overclocking before. I didn’t push the RAM much past it’s rated settings, because I was a bit mystified over whether I should be aimiing for lower latencies or higher frequencies.

Tight Timings vs High Clock Frequencies is a mildly interesting article on PC RAM overclocking which really ends up going nowhere. Still, it trys hard to be balanced, and factor in all considerations.

In the end the article comes to the conclusion that the performance difference is marginal either way and that memory speed doesn’t impact on performance as much as you would think. This is rather odd, since traditional wisdom is that the CPU spends a lot of it’s time waiting for memory read/write operations.

Still, they actually did the experiment and ran the benchmarks. And the moral of the story is probably that you should try as many different settings as you reasonably can and find out which provide the best performance on your rig.


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