Will technology ever catch up?


Posted by cascadehush on September 14, 2006

I’m currently on holidays, but it’s a kind of a self imposed working holiday, trying to get some personal stuff like housework, excercise and hobby projects back on track.

I’ll be getting rid of some stuff, so It’s good to see EBay Sellers Go Back to School: 10 Tips.

I have been reading David Allen’s Getting Things Done and scanning through 43 Folders and Lifehacker for ways to implement this technique in software. I already own Circus Ponies’ NoteBook so I’m hoping to use that. There are some tips on their Forum.

Whilst I was doing this, I discovered a nice video of how to use quicksilver, the mysterious tool for OSX that lots of people rave about. Since I could never actually work out what it was, I never bothered to try it. (There was a time in my life when I downloaded all and any new app or utility and try them all, but I’m older and wiser now and like to know what I’m getting before spending the time and bandwidth.) For an excellent demonstration on quicksilver, check out this TWiT Podcast with Leo Laporte and Merlin Mann. I have found it revolutionary, and I’m only using the basic launch features.

So now if there are less posts to the blog than usual, you know why.

P.S. In Australia “Getting Things Done” is called How To Get Things Done. I got my copy from Borders in Brisbane because they were the only bookstore I could find that actually had it in stock. The Australian paperback edition is only about $27. Some stores have the American edition for about $35.


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