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OSX: Free iPhoto Tools, Plugins, etc

Posted by cascadehush on September 20, 2006

I’m in the process of trying to develop an efficient workflow for my photography. I still have iPhoto as my central repostitry of photos, but I use other tools as well. As I refine the process I’ll be posting tutorials on how I work with iPhoto’s strenghts, and how I work around it’s weaknesses.

In the meantime, and in no particular order, here is a list of freeware for iPhoto. As I work my way through this list I’ll post my experiences and options about any that I find noteworthy.

N.B. All the links are to VersionTracker

iPhoto Librarian 1.2
Better iPhoto Templates 1.0
iPhoto to PhotoToWeb 1.1.1
iPhoto to OmniGraffle Album Export 1.0
myPhoto 1.5
iPhoto Buddy 1.2.6
Mail Pictures (EA X) 0.2e
iPhotoSerialNamer 0.3
iPhoto Album Extractor 1.0v2
Galerie 5.3.0
Gallery Monger .93
SlideShowPro iPhoto Plug-In 1.0.3
iPhoto Diet 3.1
iPhoto Extractor 2.0b12
Photon 1.1iPhotoWebShare 1.3
iPhoto_tools 1.0
iPhoto Exif Cleaner 1.0
iPhotoTool 1.1
IdlePictures 1.3.2
iPhoto Batch Enhancer 2.0.3i
iPhotoToGoogleEarth 1.0
MACeyever 0.4
WebExport 1.0r1
Web iPhoto Access 2.2
Sony ImageStation
Keyword Assistant 1.9.2
CopperExport 0.4.0
iPhoto plugin for PhotoCentral 1.0
Send Photos To iPhoto 1.0.0b1
iPhotoToAESlideshow 0.5b1
iPhoto Mailer Patcher 4.1
iPhoto Automator Action Pack 1.0


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