Will technology ever catch up?

Windows XP: Photoshop Elements 5

Posted by cascadehush on September 20, 2006

Adobe have announced Photoshop Elements 5 for Windows, and have listed the reasons to upgrade.

It would seem Adobe have run out of ideas and have decided to add a bunch of trivial features stolen (probably) from a bunch of also-rans which use them to mask their lack of true power.  The only actual useful feature that they mention is the addition of curves, but then there is a work-around for that if, like me, you are still stuck with choose to use version 3.

I can understand why Adobe are stuck though.  Even Elements 3 is a very capable program.  I imagine it does what 99% of hobby photographers need to do 99% of the time, so long as they are prepared to learn how to use it.  And Photoshop CS2 is a very, very expensive program.  I would love to have it, for the other 1% of times, but I just can’t justify that cost, even though I could afford it if I really wanted it.

So Adobe can’t make Photoshop Elements much better than it is without further canabalising their own market.  If they add any more actual, real, photo editing features, it will give more people less reason to pay the exorbitant premium that CS2 carries.

Maybe the product will be much more impressive when it ships.  It’s also possible that the marketing department have entirely missed the point and failed to highlight features which would actually be of use editing photos.  Perhaps Photoshop Elements is now going to be marketed to scrapbookers and turned into a kind of desktop publisher.

It seems that Photoshop Elements 3 will be with me for awhile yet.

(N.B. That the OSX version is often a version number behind.  Version 4 has only been out a few months.  It will likely be quite awhile before we see version 5 for OSX.)


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