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OSX: Firefox Optimised by CPU

Posted by cascadehush on September 24, 2006

Firefox did the auto-update thing on me again on account of the fact I’ve recently reloaded my iBook and forgot to disable this ‘feature’. Naturally this made my most useful extensions stop working. Okay, maybe not THE most useful, but it seems that way now they are gone.
So now I have an excuse to try out the G4 optimised Firefox. It’s a .version behind, you see… kill 2 birds, and all that.

Optimized Firefox for G4, G5, and Intel: BeatnikPad Journal

And I won’t forget to disable auto-updates.


One Response to “OSX: Firefox Optimised by CPU”

  1. I am still using the same optimised that I downloaded that day. I’m can’t objectivly report any performance benefits, but I can definetly say it has been stable.

    I’m not convinced it is worth the extra effort to download a special version but at least there is no harm in doing so.

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