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OSX: Get your hands on Mail 3.0 now

Posted by cascadehush on September 28, 2006

Hawk Wings » Blog Archive » Get your hands on Mail 3.0 now:

You don’t have to wait until next year to get your hands on the new features in Mail 3.0. The third-party apps and plugins that may have inspired the new features are available now.

About a week ago I would have been really excited about this, but I’m finally over my ’email as GTD platform’ fantasies. Nevertheless, it’s a nice page for anyone who wants the features of Mail 3.0 now.

It also proves, once again, how grassroots developers are solving real-life problems for real-life people in simple, practical ways only to have their ideas ripped off by large corporations who put them forward as innovations.

And it also demonstrates how the best applications are simple but extendable. This is why Winamp was so fantastic until it became bloatware crippled by DRM. It’s why Firefox is not just the best web browser, but probably the greatest application of our time.

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