Will technology ever catch up?

Quotable: What’s a home page anyway?

Posted by cascadehush on September 28, 2006


people never did get what the home page was about

I couldn’t agree more.

But more importantly, managing a website is difficult. Creating a blog is easy. That’s the difference between Web 1.0 and Web 2.0.

Home pages were almost always a mess, or else they were static and pointless. And once you got to a dozen pages or so, a pain to organize and keep consistent. Do you edit existing pages? Do you delete old material?

The invention of the blog solves all these problems.

And Flickr and the like help too. Many a time the only thing interesting on a persons home page was some photos.

So a blog helps you manage your ideas and a photo sharing sites organise your photos and you can link between the two and tag everything for easy organisation.


2 Responses to “Quotable: What’s a home page anyway?”

  1. roger said

    well put, you have managed to clean up my thoughts quite well.

    personally i hate editing html and now i hardly ever have to.

    hey nice quote.

  2. Well I did enjoy the post. Thanks taking the time to comment.

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