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Trackbacks (and Blogging (and Blogging About Blogging))

Posted by cascadehush on October 1, 2006

Until now I’ve tired to avoid blogging about blogging. That would be blogipsism. Never-the-less, it is what is concerning me at the moment, so here goes…

I’ve just found out that I’m supposed to be doing something called a trackback. Whilst I can understand the benefits, It does seem like a bit of messing around at present. Hopefully I’ll find some simple way to do it.

In the meantime, I’ve found these primers on the general principle

What Is Trackback?

Sometimes when you see a post on somebody’s blog that you like, it’s enough just to leave a comment on the other blog about that issue. But what if you’ve got something to say about the issue that you’d like to share with readers of your own blog? If you do post to your blog, you have to go and leave a comment in the other blog if you want the people there to know about your own blog entry.

This is where trackback comes in.

How Do I Use Trackback?

Trackbacks are often used as a way to comment on a blog entry remotely or to continue a discussion in another individual’s weblog.

How Trackback Works

Many people are confused about what exactly TrackBack is and how you use it. Here’s a little explanation with pictures to help you understand.

More specifically, I’ll have to study the WordPress Trackback Tutorial. Whilst I’m learning new terms, it can’t help to have a look at the Giant Blogging Terms Glossary and the A-Z of Professional Blogging.

On to blogging in general.

Online Journalism’s Blog Software Comparison Chart talks about the server side of things, rather than any client you may be using like ecto. Macworld does too, in a more descriptive article, that also has some links to some professional blogs along with the server software they use.

Finally, some general tutorials:
Blogging for Beginners
How to Start Blogging
Ten Blogging Hacks

For those who have made it this far, the bonus fact: Blogipsism is the term I just coined to describe blogging about blogging. It’s a corruption of the word solipsism can be interpreted to mean thinking about thinking about thinking… in a kind of self-absorbent spiral. Of course the world can do with at least one good blog about blogging. But we don’t buy cameras to take pictures of cameras do we? So lets not all write blogs about blogging.

I really promise to avoid blogipsism in the future.

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Media: Poor quality of DVDs

Posted by cascadehush on October 1, 2006

I was watching an old TV Show on DVD…
The colour was terrible, washed out with a terrible greenish tinge – as you might expect from an old VHS tape. It took about 5 seconds in the OSX DVD player to up the contrast, shift the tint and boost the saturation. The difference was phenomenal.

It’s great the I can do this, BUT I NEVER SHOULD HAVE HAD TO.

How lazy are the Major Studios that they can’t do some basic correction on their old stock. People are paying good money to watch these DVDs. The Studios are raking in money on programs which would otherwise be sitting in some archive. This is money for nothing for these people, the least they can do is provide quality playback.

Were you ever disgusted with the quality of a DVD or CD you purchased? Leave a comment and let me know.

P.S. If you must know, it was the A-Team. It isn’t that great, but since I missed it the first time round (mum wouldn’t let me watch) I view an episode now-and-then. It’s a good show to watch whilst you edit photos since the plot lines are straight forward and you can easily get back into the story as your concentration drifts back and forth.

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