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Trackbacks (and Blogging (and Blogging About Blogging))

Posted by cascadehush on October 1, 2006

Until now I’ve tired to avoid blogging about blogging. That would be blogipsism. Never-the-less, it is what is concerning me at the moment, so here goes…

I’ve just found out that I’m supposed to be doing something called a trackback. Whilst I can understand the benefits, It does seem like a bit of messing around at present. Hopefully I’ll find some simple way to do it.

In the meantime, I’ve found these primers on the general principle

What Is Trackback?

Sometimes when you see a post on somebody’s blog that you like, it’s enough just to leave a comment on the other blog about that issue. But what if you’ve got something to say about the issue that you’d like to share with readers of your own blog? If you do post to your blog, you have to go and leave a comment in the other blog if you want the people there to know about your own blog entry.

This is where trackback comes in.

How Do I Use Trackback?

Trackbacks are often used as a way to comment on a blog entry remotely or to continue a discussion in another individual’s weblog.

How Trackback Works

Many people are confused about what exactly TrackBack is and how you use it. Here’s a little explanation with pictures to help you understand.

More specifically, I’ll have to study the WordPress Trackback Tutorial. Whilst I’m learning new terms, it can’t help to have a look at the Giant Blogging Terms Glossary and the A-Z of Professional Blogging.

On to blogging in general.

Online Journalism’s Blog Software Comparison Chart talks about the server side of things, rather than any client you may be using like ecto. Macworld does too, in a more descriptive article, that also has some links to some professional blogs along with the server software they use.

Finally, some general tutorials:
Blogging for Beginners
How to Start Blogging
Ten Blogging Hacks

For those who have made it this far, the bonus fact: Blogipsism is the term I just coined to describe blogging about blogging. It’s a corruption of the word solipsism can be interpreted to mean thinking about thinking about thinking… in a kind of self-absorbent spiral. Of course the world can do with at least one good blog about blogging. But we don’t buy cameras to take pictures of cameras do we? So lets not all write blogs about blogging.

I really promise to avoid blogipsism in the future.

6 Responses to “Trackbacks (and Blogging (and Blogging About Blogging))”

  1. Um, in a WordPress blog, there is nothing to do to do a trackback. So do nothing and trackbacks will work automatically. For example, you put a link to an article on my blog (thank you) in your article and WordPress automatically sent me a little note that said “someone’s talking about this!” which displayed on that post. And I came to visit to see what you were saying. If anyone did the work, it was me to click to visit your site. You did nothing special, did you? 😉

    You can manually trackback, but it really isn’t necessary. So don’t do anything and trackbacks will work.

    As for blogipsism, I think it’s good to talk about what you do, because the more you talk about how you do it, the more others can learn how you do it so they can do it better, whatever “-ipsism” it is that you do. How is that for self-absorbent, altruistic spirals? 😀

  2. That would explain why I’ve mostly received comments from other bloggers when I posted about them. I wondered how they found out so quickly. It’s nice to know the system works, all that stuff about copying and pasting trackback URLs seemed a bit of a hassle.

    Does this work with every type of blog, not just WordPress?

    wrt blogipsism, I am trying to make a blog with a specific focus. (Probably not succeeding yet, but it’s early days.) I think it’s good that there are some nice blogs about blogs, but that is not what I am doing. Maybe I protested too much; that is something I will have to watch. I like the term altruistic spirals. 😀

  3. It works with any blog program with automatic trackbacks enabled. But honestly, is anyone still not using WordPress? 😉

    Glad to help increase your vocabulary, too.

    I totally support and write extensively about the concept of writing a focused topic blog, creating a body of work to build a reputation. So I’m totally on your side. While I do blog about blogging and WordPress here, I also have a photography and travel blog, keeping the topics separate as much as I can, though there is a little cross over.

  4. Funny you should mention your photopgraphy blog, since I’m thinking of starting a blog about my photography, for the same reason. I did post one of my photos in my blog, but it seemed totally out of place. Even though there is a lot of technology involved, in the end it’s a photo of a bird and not really related to the rest of the issues discussed in the blog.

    I had a look at some of the pages I referenced, and it does seem that the trackbacks don’t work on all types of blog. I think I’ll just let WorPress do it’s thing and not worry about it. Let the trackbacks fall where they may. 😀

    Thanks for your help and encouragement.

  5. Ryan said

    Trackback is supported by many blogs and it is indeed a great way for anyone to comment around the blog world while retaining his/her own identity and many link backs to his/her own blog.

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