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XP Troubleshooting: Audio Drop-Outs in Games

Posted by cascadehush on October 3, 2006

If you experience audio drop-outs whilst playing older windows games under XP, try turning down the Audio Acceleration in the Audio Settings in Control Panel.

A colleague encountered this problem recently. Some of the sound effects and music were working, but some of them were dropping out randomly. The game itself was running fine otherwise. The solution was to turn off Audio Acceleration. I was probably a deficiency in the game engine.

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OSX: Using an iPhoto Library on a Removable disk

Posted by cascadehush on October 3, 2006

I have a Mac mini and an iBook. Neither have a large enough hard-drive to support a decent
size iPhoto library. In fact I had to stop using iPhoto when it became clear that my iBook was becoming unstable due to a lack of free disk-space. I almost gave up using the program altogether.

It was a time of deep reflection… I considered other photo management solutions. I considered writing my own. I considered using spotlight comments as a way to tag and rate photos. But at the back of my mind was the memory of how much I loved iPhoto, until the magic was destroyed by external practicalities.

But then I decided that I would store my iPhoto library on a USB hard-drive. I could buy an 80GB laptop drive, all just for photos. It would give me heaps of room to grow. If I needed more space I could replace that drive much easier than upgrading my iBook or Mac Mini.

iPhoto Buddy is a free library manager. I don’t have any need for multiple-libraries. However this program also makes it very easy to create a new iPhoto library or to tell OSX to load your iPhoto library to another disk. In fact, in order to get your library running on an external drive, first copy the iPhoto library folder to the external drive, then you only need to run the program once in order to point iPhoto to the external drive. From then on it will remember.

So now I can browse my library on my iBook and do some tagging and organising, or I can load it up on my Mac Mini, with my nice 20″ widescreen LCD, for a serious session of editing with Photoshop Elements.

Since I used a FAT32 partition to store the photos, I can also browse the photos on a PC. I don’t have iPhoto, but I can still navigate through the directories and view thumbnails in Windows XP, which is a lot better than having no-access at all.

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