Will technology ever catch up?

OSX: CaminoSession 0.4

Posted by cascadehush on October 4, 2006

PimpMyCamino: CaminoSession 0.4:

CaminoSession is an InputManager plugin that provides session management so Camino can restore the windows and tabs you had open last time you used it. It also saves and restores tabs after a crash.

I’ve been giving Camino a bit of a go lately. I use it to open my gmail, flickr, blog and forum pages which require logons. Camino integrates with Keychain, so passwords are stored securely, unlike in Firefox.

CaminoSession is a plugin which allows Camino to remember which tabs it had open last time. Frankly I think tabbed browsing without session saving is next to useless, so I’m grateful to have this functionality.

I must say that it’s unlikely that I’ll be ditching Firefox any time soon. At the moment each browser serves a purpose in my setup and it’s likely to stay that way for awhile.


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