Will technology ever catch up?

Viiv is not an open system

Posted by cascadehush on October 4, 2006

Intel says, ‘Let Apple be Apple.’:

Intel wants electronics manufacturers to design open systems with the Viiv at their core.

Viiv is not an open system.  It is a DRM based system with Intel CPUs and Intel Chipsets at the core.  It’s the closest thing to a closed system that Intel can make.  It is Intels attempt to try and do exactly what Apple have done with iTunes: tying content to hardware in a system that severely limits they ways customers can enjoy the media they purchase.

Viiv is nothing but another platform for DRM.

The only thing open about that is the fact that multiple manufacturers can build Viiv PCs.  They must have Intel chips inside to get the Viiv badge, so intel get’s their slice of the cake.  Calling Viiv an open platform is like callling Windows an open platform.  In fact Windows is more open than Viiv, because it can run on various CPUs and miriad chipsets. 

Viiv just creates an exclusive sub-class of PCs which effectivly come with an Intel tax.

Eric Kim is being a hypocrite.


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