Will technology ever catch up?

Intel Buying nVidia… I hope not.

Posted by cascadehush on October 5, 2006


Rumors were flying today around Wall Street trading desks of a pending Intel buyout of NVIDIA

If Intel Buys nVidia, then we are headed down a path where the major components inside a PC will be made by 2 manufacturers and they won’t be interchangable. You either buy an ATi/AMD/Live box or an nVidia/Intel/Viiv box.

Of course it will never happen.  Even if Intel does buy nVidia, somewhere in the near future this little duopoly-in-the-making will fall apart somehow.  It’s just not how PCs are done.

The most scary thing about this is the potiential loss of the nForce motherboard chipset, which is the best chipset for AMD processors.


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