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Wii – Revolutionary Gaming on Evolutionary Hardware

Posted by cascadehush on October 6, 2006

ยป The Nintendo Wii is NOT the Game Cube. – Nintendo Blog:

The Nintendo Wii hardware is similar to the Gamecube, as A gaming PC is similar to a Windows 95 word processing computer.

If this is true, Nintendo could be doing something radical with it’s hardware by being conservative.  Each new generation of game console traditionally meant a completely different architecture.  It still remains the greatest arguement in favour of PC gaming, that you can run a wider range of older games on current hardware.

Whether Wii’s radical departure from traditional gaming will win out or not, time will tell.  If it does manage to carve out a niche, one can hope that perhapse Nintendo will continue the trend of using an evolutionary hardware platform that provides consistency for developers and backwards-compatability for users.

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