Will technology ever catch up?

Win9x: Remove the login prompt

Posted by cascadehush on October 19, 2006

If you ever reloaded an old Windows 98 box, you know how annoying the little login box can be. Windows will tell you that if you leave the password blank that the logon box will go away, but this is a lie, it never does. Even if you are cluey enough to change the Windows Logon settings in the Network Settings, you’ll still find that annoying box still won’t go away. When you read Microsoft’s instructions on how to prevent the logon prompt you’ll see just how convoluted a process it is. No wonder that stubborn little box is so hard to suppress.

What is so appalling about this is that this bug was carried over from Windows 95 up to Windows ME.

N.B When you follow the instructions linked to above, you will get the logon prompt the next time you boot, only this time, when you leave the password blank, Windows actually does what it says it will, and never ask for a password again


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