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PC: BIOS Guides

Posted by cascadehush on October 20, 2006

Here are a couple of good reference guides, if you are trying to decifer the often convoluted world of your PCs BIOS.

BIOS from A to Z – Tom’s Hardware
The Definitive BIOS Optimization Guide

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XP: Automatic Updates Warning

Posted by cascadehush on October 20, 2006

Microsoft has started including modem and LAN drivers are part of their automatic updates. Getting drivers from Windows Update has always been a very dodgy practice. Now it seems microsoft want to foist driver updates on users.

Modem drivers are especially tenuous, never change a driver if you have a working dial-up modem. LAN drivers should be less of a problem. I wonder how long it will be before tech support lines start getting floods of call from irate users who’s hardware suddenly stops working.

If you have Automatic Updates in XP switched to automatically install, now is as good a time as any to turn it off. I suggest you switch it to automatically download, but not install. Then you have a choice what goes on your machine.

N.B. It is possible that other drivers have been included in this new update policy, but so far I have only seen Modem and LAN drivers.

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XP: Get a new XP Key

Posted by cascadehush on October 20, 2006

Here is an insider secret. It is possible to get a new Windows key if your sticker is lost or damaged.

You have to call Microsoft on the technical support number for your country. You have to convince them that you have a legitimate copy of Windows. They may ask for a partial key or some details from your Windows CD. I know 2 people who have pulled this off successfully.

So if you have an old PC that dies and you can’t re-load it because the key is missing, there is hope.

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GTD: How to choose achievable goals – Lifehacker

Posted by cascadehush on October 20, 2006

How to choose achievable goals – Lifehacker:

There’s a tendency for people to fanatically over-plan their goals. This creates a sort of smokescreen that helps hide the fact that you’re not actually doing anything. I’ve been guilty of this for many goals, until I eventually found out that there was a tangible sense of relief from removing goals that I didn’t want to do, but merely wanted to want to do. Most goals don’t need a list of next actions, progress meters, line graphs, and customizable excel spreadsheets. Really! The sign of an achievable goal is that it wants to be worked on immediately.

Food for thought for those of us who are trying to find that useful balance between planning and acting, deciding and doing.

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