Will technology ever catch up?

OSX: Dual TV Tuner for Mac

Posted by cascadehush on November 1, 2006

123Macmini.com – News – Miglia intros TVDuo dual TV tuner:

Bundled with Elgato’s EyeTV2, TVDuo enables users to record TV, remove advertisements from recorded footage while watching live TV, access EPG data from the internet, schedule recordings, and export recorded shows to a video iPod or Mac applications such as iDVD

The TVDuo is a USB device that features 2 DVB-T TV tuners. Like many such tuners, it simply records the broadcast stream directly to disk. The advantage of this is simplicity, the disadvantage is you’ll need about 3GB for every hour of TV. It’s a good thing that harddrives are getting cheeper by the day.

It comes with a remote and media centre software. The quality of these bundled items is usually poor. At a time when many users will have Front Row and an Apple Remote, these extras are just adding cost to a package.

Of course, all this is just my first impressions, based on the marketing info and my past experience with similar products. If the price is right, I may ditch my current setup, where I have a dedicated PC just for recording TV, and use my Mac Mini instead.

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