Will technology ever catch up?

Mac: Upgrading the Mac Mini – Core 2 Duo CPU

Posted by cascadehush on January 1, 2007

Merom Mac Mini Hack:

The purpose of this page is less about bragging (I certainly wasn’t the first to upgrade the processor in my Mac Mini) and more about describing my experience with the upgrade – both from a performance perspective and from a “lessons learned” perspective.

Ambor.com has listed some very detailed benchmarks which should be of interest to anyone considering the upgrade in terms of bang for buck. Now all we need is a Mac Mini with a slot for a graphics card.

In fact, how about a just a Mac MoBo; a bare bones ATX Mac motherboard build to Apple specifications, that we could use with our own CPU, Ram, HD etc. It could come bundle with a copy of OSX. I know this gets away from the ‘mini’ aspect, but as a cheap Mac it could offer the best of both worlds.

One can dream.


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