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Mac: Getting started with your new Mac

Posted by cascadehush on January 2, 2007

If you have a new Mac, you’d do a lot worse than to check out TAUWs nice beginners guide.

Getting started with your new Mac – The Unofficial Apple Weblog

Toss aside the included mouse…and get yourself a real mouse… If you received a portable Mac you should also pick yourself up a mouse. The included Trackpad is nice, but a mouse is much nicer.

Apple continued insistence on the one button mouse is just silly. The fact that it forces the use of 4 modifier keys (shift, control, option and apple) instead of 3 is downright criminal. It is without a doubt the worst feature of OSX.

Of course, as the article suggest, you can use a 2 button mouse, almost any standard PC mouse will do.

As far as the trackpad goes, I don’t agree with Scott. I love the trackpad on my iBook. Most trackpads do suck. I’ve used a lot of different PC Laptops from most major manufacturers and they are all terrible. For whatever reason the one on my iBook works perfectly. Two finger strolling in all directions is fantastic. I find the action much easier on my wrist, since I am mostly just moving my fingers. I am happy that my main computer is a notebook Mac.

I’d like to add the following to my list of must-haves for the new Mac user:

Firefox is a most unlike-OSX application, for this reason some people prefer Camino. But at the end of the day you owe it to yourself to have either of these browsers on your computer even if it is only a fallback for when Safari doesn’t render a page properly. You might want to look around for an old 1.5 version of Firefox. I’ve been having problems at work with version 2; links fail to work on many web pages, which kinda breaks the web. I still use version 1.5 on my one computers.

It took me a long time to find a Video Player for the Mac which I could live with. The free quicktime player that comes with every mac sucks. It’s even worse than Windows Media Player and that takes effort. I don’t like VLC on the Mac, but it’s good to have as a fallback.

NicePlayer plays any video format supported by Quicktime; borderless, full screen or windowed, with sensible keyboard controls. The XinePlayer Plugin will allow NicePlayer to play almost any other movie type not supported by Quicktime.


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