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Mac: Lifehacker’s Guide for Switching to a Mac

Posted by cascadehush on January 3, 2007

Hack Attack: A guide for switching to a Mac – Lifehacker:

What follows is a round-up of everything that stuck out to me when I made the move to my first Mac.

An extensive but pithy guide. Even if you are not-so-new to OSX there is probably something you can learn from this post.

Most of the comments are great too, I was floored by Matt Haughey’s comment:

When you first switch to a mac, go into System Preferences then Keyboard and Mouse prefs. On the Keyboard tab, click the Modifier Keys button.

Set the Control Key to Command, and Command Key to Control, then hit OK.

Now, your beloved and muscle memory shortcuts like control-c for copy and control-v for paste will work exactly as they did on your PC.

A year of frustration over in a moment. The Command (Apple) key is just in the wrong place, I never got used to it.


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