Will technology ever catch up?

Media: Thoughts about buying TV on iTunes

Posted by cascadehush on January 8, 2007

I was watching a copy of a TV show which had been recorded of someone’s TV. Part way through, a banner add appeared at the bottom of the screen (yet another reason why traditional TV stations suck) telling me that the series was available in iTunes.

Here is what went through my mind in the next 60 seconds:

  1. That’s nice to know, if I want to seen any episodes I have missed, I can at least get them that way.
  2. Is the quality going to be any better than what I’m watching now? I doubt it. If it isn’t, then why would I pay for it. If I’m going to pay for a TV show I want it to be DVD quality.
  3. Isn’t it ironic that I never would have thought to go to iTunes for this TV show. I am watching a non-legal copy, yet by watching it I am now a potential customer for a legal copy of further episodes.
  4. I bet that when I go to iTunes the TV show won’t be available on the Australian iTunes. Nothing I have looked for on iTunes is available in Australia. There is stuff I want which is available to Americans but I can’t buy it here. So I probably won’t bother looking.

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