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XP/OSX: Vista to create 100,000 tech support jobs in Aus

Posted by cascadehush on January 11, 2007

OS X Leopard will create no new jobs | APC Magazine:

Vista seems set to impact on the economy by creating more IT support jobs to fix the broken or frozen computers

They won’t be pleasant or high-paid jobs, they will be high pressure and thankless. Coming to terms with the problematic side of an OS takes time, and there are likely to be many confused Vista users from day one. The techs will be doing their upmost just to keep a few steps ahead of the average user as new problems emerge.

I particularly pity anyone trying to provide phone support for Vista, the interface is just so inconsistent. XP was bad enough, with system settings spread between the Management Console, System Properties Dialog Box, Control Panel, Internet Explorer Properties (even if you don’t use the browser, there are still some crucial settings hidden there) and even the Help and Support window. Vista adds to this complexity with an even more inconsistent interface.

This is just a mess. The System Preferences in OSX is lightyears ahead. Not only are all the settings in one place, but they are in one window. You don’t get secondary and tertiary windows popping up in order to make settings changes.

I’m disappointed but not surprised that Leopard won’t create any new jobs, because I’d much rather work with Leopard than Vista.

User support is at the heart of my dislike for Vista. There isn’t anything wrong with the OS in terms of performance or features. But I strongly believe that Microsoft and the IT Press have overlooked the fact that the Vista’s garish and convoluted interface is only going to confuse the average user who only barely copes with XP. It may have some groovy features that tech people like, but 90% of users won’t ever even know they are there, let alone use them. Maybe Alt+Tab will make a big comeback (to pick one example), but not many Windows users know about it now, and most that do don’t use it; so will they take advantage of Vista’s improved version?

And to top that off, tech support is going to be much more difficult than any previous version of Windows.

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Vista: Activation Crack

Posted by cascadehush on January 11, 2007

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