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Gadgets: Why The iPhone Will Make Apple A Player In Business IT

Posted by cascadehush on January 19, 2007

Why The iPhone Won’t Make Apple A Player In Business IT – News by InformationWeek:

Whether IT departments embrace the iPhone or not, some employees will walk in the door with them.

And that’s the key point, and it alone negates the title premise of the article.

One of the key reasons Windows slammed OS/2 was that people were using it at home, on their own computers, and were going to work and complaining about the clunky DOS or Unix based systems they were forced to use at work. Windows was gaining market share in the home whilst IBM was trying to introduce OS/2 to businesses. In the end Windows won because people knew about it, recognised it and could use it. All this acted to move businesses to Windows despite the fact that OS/2 was technically superior.

Now I’m not saying businesses will be knocking down Apple’s door any time soon to kit out their staff with iPhones. But if Apple play their cards right, eventually pressure will build and employees could start demanding something a lot better than the dreadful phones they are currently being forced to live with. And unlike the OS/2 vs Windows competition, the iPhone will be both technically superior and have the features real people want, and that will be hard to beat.

The only thing standing in the iPhone’s way is the cost. I suspect that we’ll see the iPhone become part of many employees salary package.

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