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Vista: Forget Aero, just use cmd.exe

Posted by cascadehush on January 26, 2007

» 10 expert tips and tweaks for Windows Vista RC2 | Ed Bott’s Microsoft Report | ZDNet.com:

Tweak #1: Add an elevated Command Prompt Windows power users know that a command prompt (Cmd.exe) is the fastest way to many tasks–much faster than digging through menus and tabbed dialog boxes. In Windows Vista, this is more true than ever, thanks to User Account Control.

Doesn’t it speak volumes when the first Vista tip on a major news site is to make it easier to revert to the command prompt? Doesn’t it demonstrate that for all Vista’s supposed prettiness that there are still fundamental usability problems in Windows?

2 Responses to “Vista: Forget Aero, just use cmd.exe”

  1. […] I got it home, and saw everything was quite fancy. I enjoyed the Aero feature: fancy live previews and all. The security thing was a little over-bearing. There were a […]

  2. cyaegha said

    Bah, command prompt. I find the search feature in the start menu to be one of the most useful features in Vista. Things I regularly use and for some reason aren’t already sitting open can be started with 3 key presses; [winkey], [first letter of the name of the app], [enter]. Mostly remote desktop and visual studio. If it is something I haven’t used before I may have to enter 2 or 3 letters. As a self proclaimed power user I find it more tedious to use the command prompt than to use the search feature, I certainly don’t start cmd so I can launch GUI based apps.

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