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Posted by cascadehush on January 10, 2007

Here is a list of recent stories I have found noteworthy but don’t have the time to blog about specifically. Call this a bit of a trial-run; most of them are Lifehacker articles but next time I’ll try to mix it up a little.

Highlight overused phrases with the Cliché Finder – Lifehacker

The Cliché Finder leaves no stone unturned in the hunt for overused phrases in your writing.

Create smart sets in Flickr with SmartSetr – Lifehacker

Web site SmartSetr lets you create smart sets for your Flickr account based on predefined criteria, like tags, text, date taken, or date uploaded.

Download of the Day: Ophcrack Live CD – Lifehacker

The free, open source Ophcrack Live CD is a Windows account password cracking tool designed to help you recover lost Windows passwords.

Download of the Day: Docsvault (Windows) – Lifehacker

Windows only: Organize, manage, search and archive all your documents with Docsvault Home Edition. Reminiscent of the PaperPort document-management software that used to come with Visioneer scanners, Docsvault helps you organize saved and scanned documents using a simple cabinet/drawer-style filing system.

How to Change the World: The Art of Schmoozing

The key is to establish a relationship before you need it. And this is why I’d like to provide the art of schmoozing.

Web Worker Daily » Blog Archive 20 Different Ways to Manage Your To Dos «

How many ways are there to manage your task list? Almost as many as there are people with tasks to do.

Geek to Live: The command line comeback – Lifehacker

But I don’t use the command line, you say. Oh but you do! Let’s take a closer look at this surprising “circle of life” right back to the trusty old command line with some examples of CLI in modern personal computing.

Track your reading trends with Google Reader – Lifehacker

Google has added a Trends feature to Google Reader, allowing you to track your reading and subscription trends in Reader.

Boot Linux from a flash drive – Lifehacker

you can boot the Linux distro Knoppix right from your USB flash drive. A simple new tutorial shows you how.

Mac Switchers Tip: Remap the Home and End keys – Lifehacker

details on how to remap those keys to behave the way they do on other operating systems.

What Does 200 Calories Look Like?

Each of the photographs below represents 200 calories of the particular type of food; the images are sorted from low to high calorie density.

Free e-book teaches Ruby programming – Lifehacker

Mr. Neighborly’s Humble Little Ruby Book, a new e-book that teaches the basics and then some.

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Web: CSS cheat sheets

Posted by cascadehush on January 5, 2007

CSS cheat sheet – Lifehacker:

Just learning how to work with Cascading Style Sheets, a.k.a. CSS? You’ll definitely want to print a copy of blogger Leslie Franke’s cheat sheet.

Check this post and the comments for lots of great CSS resources.

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OSX: Automator Link-Dump

Posted by cascadehush on September 25, 2006

Another link-dump. I’ve been checking out Automator recently, after a watching some MacBreak videos. Seems that to get the most out of it, your really need to check out some of the third party actions.

To this end I’ve compiled a shortlist of stuff that I think worthy of further scrutiny. Most of these are freeware.

Automator Action Pack
iPhoto Action Pack
System Action Pack
Combine PDFs
Backup Folder
Create Disk Image From Files
Do Specified JavaScript in Current Webpage
Cut and Paste
Automator Actions for PreFab UI Actions
Apple – Mac OS X – Tips:
Sample Manager Automator Actions
Post Text for WordPress
Automator Actions for MS Office 2004
Automator Virtual Input
Download URLs as PDFs
automator.us Downloads

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