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Compare Linux distros side by side – Lifehacker

Posted by cascadehush on January 23, 2007

Compare Linux distros side by side – Lifehacker:

Pro-Linux site polishlinux.org has a new tool that lets you compare Linux distributions side by side.

Too little, too late for me. In the past I have spent many hours searching the web in search of distros, and many more hours struggling with various flavors of Linux.

In the end I run XP on my PC boxes, because for me the windows license is a reasonable price to pay for a system that I can setup quickly with known results. I know XP will work with my hardware. I know it will not crash. I know my software will work, and almost all the best open source software has Windows binaries available.

For those occasions when I get a hankering for something like Unix, I have OSX.

You can access the site directly: polishlinux.org » Compare distros


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Security: The Ten Most Dangerous Things Users Do Online

Posted by cascadehush on November 1, 2006

Dark Reading: The Ten Most Dangerous Things Users Do Online:

most users have no idea how dangerous their online behavior is.

Indeed. But whilst this is all good advice, I can’t help but point out that whilst most of these activities pose a great threat on Windows, they pose much less of a threat on OSX or Linux. Most of these are threats because of vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer and Outlook Express.

So the top tip is to get get Firefox and Thunderbird, especially if you are a Windows user, and even if you are not.

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Linux: Qt, the GPL, KDE, and GNOME

Posted by cascadehush on October 25, 2006

Linux Today – Stallman on Qt, the GPL, KDE, and GNOME

An interesting article from 2000 which explains some history and demonstrates an interesting mindset. The only thing that ever makes Linux tolerable for me is KDE, so I find it interesting that it has been steeped in so much controversy.

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